Our portable horse stalls have more in common with traditional permanent stabling than most temporary show stalls. These rugged stalls can be left standing year after year and still look great. Our stalls are extremely durable, easily assembled, and aesthetically appealing. They are easy to clean and sanitize, hygienic, safe, and economical. Furthermore, our quality stalls retain their value for years.

Our line of portable stalls for horses are constructed primarily of 1.5 inch, 14 gauge, high tensile tube, with 1/4 inch puck board for the sheeting.

Puck board is the same type of material used around the sides of hockey rinks. It is high-density plastic that is extremely durable and low maintenance. This material has a bit of flex to it, so the impact of a horse’s kick “bounces” off the board. Furthermore, horses cannot chew through the puck board.

Our stall features are listed below:

  • Each stall panel weighs approximately 185 lbs.
  • The stall fronts are solid for the bottom 4′ with horizontal rails for the top 3′, and they have a hinged door that swings in or out.
  • The stall front filler rails are constructed of 1″, 16 gauge square tubing.
  • The dividers (sides and backs) are 7′ high and solid for 6’6″.
  • All the stalls are coated with a unique gray powder paint system and baked for a long-lasting finish that stands up to the most severe climate and weather conditions.
  • The superb roof system is the same material that you would find on large riding arenas. It is designed to withstand inclement weather and strong winds. It also allows plenty of air flow for ventilation.

These stalls are very simple to erect. A good work crew and forklift can set up approximately 80 covered stalls in a day (please follow our recommended unloading procedures for your safety)!

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