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We live in an area that experiences some very high winds. How does your roof system hold up in the wind?

We’ve had great success with our roof system; some have withstood 100 mph winds with no damage if the structure has been anchored. The tarp is of the same commercial quality that is used on large fabric covered buildings (riding arenas, airplane hangers, etc).

How difficult are your stalls to set up? Do I need a contractor?

Our stalls are very easy to assemble and no special tools are required. We do provide our customers with an instructional video. No one has ever had problems assembling our stalls. If you were to experience difficulties, our customers are assured that we are only a phone call away. Our friendly staff and service personnel could talk you through it.

What is the life expectancy of the stalls?

Our stalls are extremely durable and look good year after year. Some of our rental stalls and tarps are over 10 years old. They still look good and are in uniform condition. We take pride in our quality stalls.

I would like to have a larger stall for foaling. Can I take out a panel and make a "foaling stall"?

On our larger barns (6 stalls or more) every other panel can be removed thereby giving you a 10′ x 20′ or 12′ x 24′ stall. On our smaller barns, 4-stall breezeway for example, this could not be done without jeopardizing the strength or the roof system. If you are creative and capable, you could easily devise a solution.

Should I anchor the stalls down?
We don’t anchor our rental stalls as they are setup in barns of 10 to 40 stalls and they are not setup for long periods of time. We do recommend for customers purchasing stalls that are setup in smaller increments and left up in a more permanent application that the stalls be anchored. Every 10’ (or 12’) there is an anchor point to attach whatever anchor system you choose to use. Your local hardware or farm supply store could point you in the right direction.
Do I need a building permit for my stalls?

Even though our stalls can stand for years, and give you years of trouble free use, most portable structures do not need a building permit. In saying that, please check with your MD or County office for further info.


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